About US

Valued Veteran Consulting Service (VVCS) is a San Diego, California based company. We strive to assist Veterans in obtaining the greatest benefit possible from the Veteran Affairs (VA) on a case-by-case basis with service tailored to each Veteran. It is our ambition to ensure our Veterans submit a claim to the VA that is substantially complete in order to produce the most efficient and desirable results afforded to the Veteran.

We make this process simple and easy to understand. To help us accomplish this we have put together a team of experts in VA policy and advocates for Veterans that will work with you one-on-one to provide Veterans with the aid they deserve.

What makes our service stand out above the rest are our resources. It’s that simple. If you try to increase your benefits by yourself or with any of the Veterans Service Organizations (DAV, American Legion, VFW, etc.) you put the fate of your getting an increase in the hands of the VA doctors. Well, we all know how frustrating and non-caring these VA examiners can be. What we offer is our own network of doctors that will provide the medical evidence needed to get you that increase you deserve. You will not be able to obtain this kind of service with expertise anywhere else!